Protea King Bouquet

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Inspired by Australia's native beauty, this bouquet showcases the majestic King Protea, fragrant English roses, crown-shaped lilies, and other natives like the woody ice pink protea. To add an extra touch of lushness, we've carefully selected foliage such as oak and viburnum.

Each bouquet comes in one size as it is, ensuring that every detail is perfectly balanced. Please note that due to seasonal availability, the variation of flowers may change. But rest assured, as a creative florist and dedicated business owner, my mission is to exceed your expectations and make your receipt happier than ever.

Introducing the Protea King Bouquet, a masterpiece designed for the stage during the Ukrainian Ballet's visit to Adelaide. Created with passion and love, this bouquet is unlike any other you have seen before.  Just look at the picture and you'll see how every flower is beautifully oversized.

Capture the enchanting beauty of this bouquet on North Terrace in Adelaide 5000, I couldn't resist to make this picture at the fragrance jasmine wall.

Be prepared to be mesmerized by its elegance and grace. Order now and experience floral perfection like never before with our Protea King Bouquet.