Ocean Wave Wreath

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Beautiful floral Wreath by Natasha Bezverkha dedicated to a man who left this world but hardly missed. 

The old captain, Captain Grey Hair, had spent his entire life sailing the vast oceans on his beloved ship. He was a legend among sailors, and even after his retirement he still kept a keen eye on the sea. He had been through many storms and seen many wonders, but nothing could compare to the beauty of the ocean.

One day, as he watched the sun set over the horizon, he breathed his last breath and passed away peacefully. He left behind a grieving crew who held great respect for him.

Years later, when they had all gone their separate ways but still stayed in touch with each other, they decided to commemorate Captain Grey Hair’s life by planting a garden in his honour. They planted blue, grey and navy flowers that served as a reminder of their beloved captain's spirit which was still alive and well within them all.

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*Colour and flowers  is Florist's choice due to seasonal availability. We will keep the style, colour and design for reference but every wreath is unique and never the same.

*Image of 50+ cm wreath.

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