Discover the elegant contours of the Classic Glass Vase from Floral Atelier Australia, a vessel of clarity and grace, ready to complement any bouquet from a single rose to a hundred, ensuring Adelaide's blooms are displayed with timeless sophistication and available for same day flower delivery

Glass Classic Vase

Floral Atelier Australia
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Elevate your floral display with our "Glass Classic Vase" – the epitome of elegance and functionality. Our diverse range of vases caters to every need, from a single stem to an extravagant ensemble of 100 stems, ensuring your chosen bouquet is presented in its best form.

This exquisite vase is crafted from the finest glass, featuring a design that transcends trends to offer timeless sophistication. It's the ideal choice for enhancing the beauty of any flower arrangement while maintaining the freshness of the blooms. Whether for your home, office, or studio, the "Glass Classic Vase" is an essential element for those who appreciate the finer details and wish to infuse their space with a touch of refined grace.