3 reasons you need a Peace Lilly Plant in your home

Peace lilies are one of our favourite plants at Floral Atelier Australia. Not only do they flower beautifully, they also are a great touch of lush greenery in your home. 

Here are 3 reasons why you need a Peace Lilly plant in your home:

1. Easy Care as it can talk in plant language.
Luckily when it comes to Peace Lily’s they stand nice and tall when they have been watered appropriately and droop down when they need extra care.
If it's looking a little sad you won't be to walk past without going back to help the little guy out. Some plants love a routine water, but Peace Lily’s not so much.
They are happy to be watered whenever they are looking droopy. In fact, it is better to underwater the plant rather than over water. 

2. Perfect for an average house
Peace Lilies can almost be in any room as they like mid to little amounts of light. Which is perfect for an average natural light throughout the house.

3. Natural air purifier
A Peace Lily are ridiculously good for you and your families health and its natural air purifier. The Peace Lily breaks down and neutralizes toxic gases found around the home.

If you need even more convincing pop by our boutique on 628 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown 5074, and any of our staff will be happy to talk about how much they love theirs or shop online and get our lovely Peace Lily Plant.

See you soon!