About Us

I am glad to welcome you on our website.
My name is Natasha Bezverkha and I am the founder and leading florist at Floral Atelier Australia.

My journey in floristry started in June 2018, on the very first day of my arrival in Adelaide. I have never seen blossoming wattle trees. So, I was really impressed with all the beautiful trees and nature of South Australia. The first thoughts of floristry came into my mind.

A week later, I enrolled for a semi private classes to learn floristry with Vanessa Miglis at Adelaide Floristry School. I was so lucky - Vanessa was the first person I met in Adelaide. Her personality and vision of the flowers had impacted my life. 

Wattle tree in Adelaide

After graduation, I continued my studies at TAFE Cert 2 and Cert 3 where I had amazing teachers - top Adelaide florists:

    • a coach, florist business owner and a very friendly person Richard Harman;
    • the best ever wedding florist, a mentor and a very kind woman Kathy Pollard; 
    • and just an amazing florist Lisa Cimmino.

At the same time, I was working as a volunteer and later as a florist at Montrose Flowers with Susie and Charlie DeBono. Words cannot express how grateful I am to her and her family who took care of me like my own family would.

Eventually, the idea of my own floristry business was born. My intention was to keep positive relationships with the florists I knew or worked for. Therefore, I did my best to open a shop as far as I could from their locations. This was not easy but I found a suitable place in Campbelltown.


It took one month to finish all the renovations and set up the Floral Atelier shop. During that time, I had to keep working from my home kitchen, still managed to create nice bouquets and provide great service:


The shop design works:


Finally, the shop was open!

Floral Atelier opened its doors for the first customers on the 1st of February 2020.

Unfortunately, 4 weeks later the Covid-19 pandemic reached Adelaide. Despite me being a very positive person, it was so challenging to keep going under such hard circumstances. Obviously, flowers are fragile products which cannot be frozen or stored in any way in case of lockdowns and quiet periods.
At the same time, moving forward means buying fresh flowers every day to offer your customers the best service and quality.
Still, challenges pushed me to move forward and search for new opportunities, overcome obstacles...
So, I have launched an online shop for Floral Atelier https://floralatelier.com.au. It enables me to learn another side of floristry business which I have not studied at the schools.
Since opening we have successfully fulfilled lots of projects: weddings arrangements for 100 - 250 guests, weddings of 50 - 70 guests, engagement parties, proposals, formals, cocktail parties, grand opening for a clinic, birthday parties, 101 birthday flowers, newborn celebration flowers, housewarming parties, charities, a fair, funerals and sympathy flowers, drama theatre stage decoration, Royal Adelaide Show, christenings, model photo shootings, cake decorations, church arrangements, dog funerals, hair salon decorations, baby shower decorations, school and hospital events flowers etc.


Floral Atelier provides fresh flowers for Weekend Max Mara Adelaide boutique at David Jones and VIP customers since January 2020.