Let's talk about what tulips are available from a florist in Adelaide

Like many other flowers, tulips have different meanings and it is fun to know what colour to gift someone. The general meaning of Tulips is perfect love.

Tulips are a beautiful and vibrant flower that bring life and color to any space. April marks the perfect time for tulips to pop up in Adelaide local suppliers, as they keep the flowers in room size fridges so they can stay fresh and vibrant. The picture below was taken in April when the first tulips were available, and it’s a great reminder of how beautiful these flowers can be.


Meaning of the Purple tulip

Purple is know to be a royal colour and in history only the super-wealthy could afford purple dyed fabrics. Therefore purple tulips mean royalty and elegance. They are perfect for Sympathy Flowers, Birthday Flowers or to Thank you gift someone special with these beautiful colour blooms. My customers, who order flowers by phone, online and in-store usually send the purple tulips for mentioned above occasions.  

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Meaning of the white tulip
















White tulips are a popular choice when it comes to expressing sympathy and condolences. With their delicate petals and simple beauty, they make the perfect gesture of compassion. But did you know that white tulips can also be used for more joyful occasions? Adelaide customers love ordering white tulips for special events like weddings, anniversaries, and bridal bouquets. Whether you’re looking to express your deepest sympathies or make a joyous occasion even more special, white tulips are the perfect way to show your feelings.

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Meaning of the pink tulip

Pink is for affection, caring, good wishes and love. Tell a friend or family member you care with this beautiful pink bouquet. It is also a great gift for a new job occasion, new home or any event to celebrate a win.


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Meaning of the yellow/orange tulip

The most popular of them all the yellow tulip brings hope and happiness.

They definitely brings a smile to everyone's face when receiving this beautiful bouquet. Having yellow tulips in your home is believed to bring good luck and prosperity, so why not gift these beauties today!

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Tulips in a vase



We hope that these tulips make you smile today!
Natasha & Team