Some tips to get 7-10 days vase life for poppies

Who doesn’t love a poppy?


We just LOVE poppies, and they are back in season.
Bright pops of colour, there is something s


  Available in a bunch of 5 stems for 19$,

bud vase   Included.

Let’s be honest, you’d have to be fairly hard of heart to not feel the charm of these delicate darlings.

You may be saddened if they don’t last more than a handful of days and that’s understandable.

Here are some tips to get 7-10 days vase life from them!

🍃Purchase your poppies in bud. They may look like little hairy kiwi fruits at this stage but you will get to witness the wonder of watching them open

🍃Condition them by snipping then scorching the stems (2-3 cms of the bottom is enough) in near-boiling water for 5 seconds before resting in cool water for a couple of hours.

🍃Once arranged in a vase of clean water, place in a warm, well-lit room to watch them emerge from their jackets

🍃Change the vase water every 2-3 days, giving stems a fresh cut to prevent blockages.

🍃Remove spent blooms as they naturally age, this will keep the others fresher, longer

🍃Enjoy the transience of their life cycle knowing that all beauty is fleeting 🧡


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