How International Women's Day is celebrated

Happy International Women's Day

Held annually on March 8th, International Women's Day is a global day to celebrate women’s economic, political, and social advancements and highlight the steps that still need to be made to achieve gender equality.
It grows every year, as women around the world pause to reflect and make plans for change, often wearing purple to symbolize justice and dignity and green for hope.
Celebrations range from the giving and receiving of gifts to political demonstrations and protests depending where you live.
International Women's Day

Let's look at how we celebrate International Women's Day around the world

AUSTRALIA - Gifting bright flowers to co-workers and women in their life. Events  are held featuring prominent women in their fields, speaking publicly to call for more representation, equality and diversity.

ITALYTraditionally they gift a bunch of small yellow wattle flowers (Not in season in Australia).  Also seen to symbolize female strength, it’s common for women to gift flowers to each other as a sign of female solidarity. 

UNITED STATES - Known as Women’s History Month. Looking at women’s achievements throughout history. Capital cities host rallies, conferences, and business events bringing together conversation and thought leadership around the topic.

ROMANIA - The day to recognize mothers, grandmothers, and friends by giving them cards and flowers.

CHINA - Employers are encouraged to give their female staff a half-day off and men are encouraged to purchase presents for the women in their lives.

UNITED KINGDOM - Women of the World festival features speakers, activists, and performers who come together to tackle the issues facing women globally. 

ARGENTINA -  Typically marked by giving presents to the women in their lives.

CHILE - The day is marked by marches through several cities, particularly Santiago the capital, with protesters likely wearing green handkerchiefs to symbolize their support of sexual and reproductive rights.



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Wishing you a wonderful International Women's Day. We hope you get to celebrate with all the women in your life and reflect on their wonderful achievements.

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