Floral Atelier Australia Petal-perfect florist in Campbelltown

Petal-perfect florist in Campbelltown

In June 2018, Natasha Bezverkha arrived in Adelaide and saw something that would change her life: blossoming wattle. She was immediately drawn to floristry.

'I was mesmerised by the abundance of beautiful greenery and local natural beauty— the magnificent eucalyptus trees with silvery leaves and delicate sandy bark. I admire the plethora of bush roses found in people's front yards. Mostly, I was enchanted by the yellow wattle tree. When it bloomed, I fell in love with its beauty and fragrance,' Natasha said.

Natasha opened Floral Atelier Australia in Campbelltown right before COVID-19 hit Australia. Known for its incomparable service, Floral Atelier Australia provides fresh flowers, corsages and bouquets for many occasions and requirements, including birthdays, funerals, weddings and more.

'The days can be physically demanding: it's a daily practice of sorting and arranging hundreds of stems that I've collected from my supplier after scouring unique or interesting blooms and healthy classics to cater to various desires. In addition to the extensive cleaning up, there's plenty of customer service and administrative tasks. I am fully exhausted by the end of the day but happy that beautiful flowers find their way to a new home.'

Wattle we do?

Floral Atelier Australia's first year of business was understandably tough. But Natasha's resilience and passion won out, and she developed an online service for same-day flower delivery across Adelaide. The business grew over time, and with a return to in-store shopping, Natasha got to know the local community.

Over the past six months, her customer base has grown four times larger, which she attributes to her devotion to the continuous improvement and enhancement of every aspect of her products and customer service offerings. The comprehensive upgrades encompass physical transformations, such as superior photography, an aesthetically pleasing website, a cleaner, more attractive store environment, and operational improvements, including an upgraded Point of Sale system and efficient delivery services.

Natasha engaged in initiatives to boost reputation, foster skill development, and promote joy for the individual customer and the broader community. Active participation in community endeavours is a vital business element, underscoring a steadfast dedication to continual growth and creativity.

She entered the Adelaide Fringe 2022 as a flower designer and won first and third prizes (2022 and 2023, respectively) at the Royal Adelaide Show.

Blooming into the future 

Expansion plans are well underway at Floral Atelier Australia as Natasha navigates, creating a bigger team at some point in the future to help grow the business. In terms of offerings, she carefully considers the wedding market's needs. Affordable yet personalised wedding bouquets are in the making so that there can be more happy brides without the extensive cost.

A second store sits in Natasha's vision whilst expanding online sales and delivery areas. Her goal: to get more flowers to more people. This further spreads to developing solid working relationships with business-to-business: funeral homes, corporate organisations, functions and events and more. Natasha's clear vision for a subscription model for commercial offices is backed by the confidence that her extensive work experience will ensure she provides the most outstanding service.

Before moving to Adelaide, Natasha ran her own business in Hong Kong for ten years, focusing on providing VIP services and assistance to celebrities, actors, government officials, and presidential families of former Soviet countries. This experience ensured she honed her exceptional, high-quality service and attention to detail. 'I could not afford to be anything less than excellent. This has shaped how I run my floral business.'

'My love for flowers and their scents, combined with my experience, forms the foundation of my success. It's about doing what I love, to bring joy to people. My clients' positive feedback, smiles, and gratitude shows that they leave my shop transformed, highlighting the joy flowers bring to life.'

The Campbelltown area

The Campbelltown City Council area excites Natasha with its size, self-sufficiency and diversity, encompassing residential, entertainment, business, and shopping areas.

Natasha recounts that Campbelltown City Council have been very encouraging on both a personal and professional level, visiting and supporting her during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which affected her personally and with family still living in the country. A fundraising event for affected Ukrainians was instigated, with dozens of Council staff enthusiastically purchasing sunflowers and ribbons in support of the cause. Likewise, the local community has demonstrated its empathy for Natasha, which helps her remain strong and grounded.

'There have been many challenges, from COVID-19 to sales and profit shortfalls. Despite these, I remind myself that I have my health and family and live in a wonderful country with freedoms and protections. My approach to overcoming difficulties is always to do my best and stay positive. Believing in oneself and recognising others' struggles helps me persevere and strive to do even better.'

Additionally, her business was awarded a small business grant from Council in 2022 that assisted in purchasing a large refrigeration unit, which has increased her storage capacity and ability to provide more fresh flowers.

Business tips

Natasha's business tips are:

  • It's imperative that you love what you do. It should come from the depth of your heart because this love will keep you going when challenges arise. If you don't genuinely love it, you won't succeed.
  • Forget laziness and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your physical and mental state significantly impacts your work, so stay fit and active.
  • Self-organisation is crucial. When you start your business, you often have to do everything yourself, from planning to execution, so it pays to organise your daily schedule and make lists of your tasks using apps, calendar or whatever works for you. Stay consistent because organisation and motivation are interconnected.

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For more info refer to Campbelltown Council website https://www.campbelltown.sa.gov.au/services/business/local-business-success-stories/floral-atelier