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My job is a florist - I spend most of my time in a flower shop. I see flowers at different stages of their blooming - awakening, flowering, wilting, drying, in buds in full blooms and so and so - all these stages are created by Nature itself and are a beautiful like a women in her different time of the life...  

The idea of ​​artificial flowers was not close to me at first - I love fresh flowers. But many unexplored and little - known things can be disliked or even rejected - this is the essence of human psychology.

Moreover, I didn’t see beautiful artificial flowers in bouquets, because everything I saw immediately gave the feeling that they were dead plastic flowers and it was so obvious, I just didn’t like it.

But! I took the job if clients asked to make a bouquet of artificial flowers and I made the orders so that they would please me as a professional in the first place, because the client will like the bouquet only in this way, otherwise it will be a lie to them and to myself.  


Pale Straw Mauve Plum Bouquet


So, when choosing artificial flowers, I use all my experience to find the best product, place this product in your order the same way as the fresh one and modify and refine them so they behave like real flowers in your bouquet. I don't buy extremely expensive artificial flowers online, I work with local suppliers and visit their warehouses personally for each project.


Also, my bouquets are incredibly light and beautifully fine finished, very well presented and high quality service delivered to your place.

And this specialist service that I supply to you, my customer, is  absolutely worth it.

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